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Serving Colorado Springs and Pueblo since 1959

The first step to addressing hearing loss is to visit a hearing healthcare professional who you feel comfortable with and you feel is right for you. Sandia Hearing Aids in Colorado Springs has been doing that since 1959. We focus on serving Colorado Springs and Pueblo with the best technology and quality of care available. We are driven by our patient’s hearing needs and strive to provide the very best overall experience for all patients. Our hearing healthcare professionals are trained experts in hearing testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

Rest assured you will receive:

  • Effective analysis and diagnosis of your hearing loss
  • Industry-leading technology solutions customized to your specific hearing needs
  • First-rate service aimed at your continued satisfaction

Professionals who care

We’re dedicated to caring for your hearing health. We strive to provide the best diagnosis and recommendation for treatment to address your specific type of hearing loss and get you back to enjoying everyday life.

Advice you can trust

Technology alone is not the solution to helping you hear well. We provide a combination of technological expertise, informed counseling and an overall partnership to address your hearing needs. We diagnose hearing problems and prescribe only state-of-the-art hearing devices. Our services will help you communicate better; allowing you to regain physical, social and emotional well-being.

A comfort-oriented process

You will experience a well-defined process in understanding your hearing health. Our goal is to ensure you feel at ease and informed throughout, from the initial consultation to everyday application of hearing solutions.

Long-term value

The most important component to the treatment process is your ongoing satisfaction: helping you receive maximum benefit for your investment. We provide a complete package of top-line hearing instrument technology that best suits your everyday listening needs, lifestyle and budget. Your hearing health is priceless and deserves only the best solution.

Services provided at Sandia Hearing Aid Center

Hearing Tests

Hearing Consultations

Fittings & Adjustments

Hearing Aid Battery

Hearing Aid Repair

New & Replacement Hearing Aids

Sandia Hearing Aids in Colorado Springs has been in business since 1959. We have always focused on serving the community with the best technology and quality of care available.

We offer an exstensive variety of hearing aids – in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors. For every budget and need.

We know that life changes can alter a person’s quality of hearing. We provide a safe and comfortable place to discover again the joys of proper hearing. Our staff is friendly and understanding – keeping up on what’s newly available while seeing the technological advances through a lens of knowing what works and why.

We offer you our experience and commitment in the hearing industry. For over four decades our staff have been helping families achieve quality hearing again.

We have ONE goal in mind when you visit us: To find the very best solution for your specific hearing challenge.

Why should you choose Sandia Hearing?

Our promise to you:

We provide hands-on, professional care.

We offer the latest in hearing technologies.

We are dedicated to building long term relationships.

Your comfort is our highest priority.


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