Shopping for hearing aids can be overwhelming because there are so many choices and different technology. It can seem confusing because each brand is advertised as the best. They are a huge investment, so you want to make the right decision. What matters most when buying hearing aids?

The first step in the process is to find an experienced hearing health professional. Since you probably will be coming back often, make sure the location and officer hours are convenient. Start with a thorough hearing evaluation. You will need to have a complete hearing loss profile in order for your hearing specialist to make appropriate recommendations about your options. This will also help ensure you get the correct settings on your hearing devices.

Dealing with a trusted provider is important. You’ll want to do business with someone with whom you have good rapport. Purchasing hearing instruments is a long-term commitment, and you will have a long-term relationship with your hearing aid specialist. Hearing devices require regular maintenance and adjustments. We have fully trained professionals at Sandia Hearing Center who will continue to support your device with servicing and repairs.

Hearing loss affects people differently, and each person has different needs and preferences. A great hearing aid for one person may not be great for another person. One particular hearing aid brand is not the best because the best hearing aid is a personal preference many things need to be considered when figuring out which hearing aid is appropriate. Your lifestyle, occupation and ear structure need to be taken into consideration when finding the best solution. Sandia Hearing Center sells many leading brands of hearing aids with several features and the latest technology to fit different needs.

After weighing your options among the different models and you make a decision, make sure you know the terms of the purchase. What is covered? What does the warranty cover and how long does it last? Is there a trial period?

It takes time and patience to get used to hearing implements. At first sounds may seem different, and it may feel uncomfortable. You may need to go back to your hearing specialist several times to get the adjustments fine-tuned to meet your preferences. Sandia Hearing Center is a full-service hearing provider where we do hearing evaluations, hearing aid repairs and sell a wide selection of new hearing aids and accessories. Visit us today or call 719-634-6260.