Obvious signs of hearing loss are not being able to hear as well as you used to and having to ask people to repeat. However, hearing loss is gradual and subtle. You may not realize you have hearing loss until your loved ones tell you that they are frustrated with you for not hearing them, or people keep accusing you of ignoring them. Below are some other signs of hearing loss.

Conversations might seem like they are more difficult than they used to be. Does it seem like lots of people mumble? If you find yourself struggling to understand what people say, particularly when there is other environmental noise, you likely have lost some hearing ability. Maybe sometimes you give inappropriate responses because you misunderstand. Telephone conversations may become especially challenging. Perhaps you keep trying to get others to make calls on your behalf. Because avoiding interactions is easier, people with hearing loss tend to withdraw.

Have you needed to crank up the volume on your television or radio higher than you used to? If you live by yourself, it may not be a big deal. However, there could be a problem if others are around, since they may accuse of having to volume too loud.

Another difficulty is having a hard time figuring out where a sound is coming from. Those with hearing loss have a harder time localizing sounds. Additionally there might be frequent ringing, buzzing or roaring in your ears. There can also be ear pain or irritation. Dizziness or ear infections are other possible signs.

It is common for people not to detect that they have a problem. Often one’s family or friends are the ones to first notice a hearing problem. Spouses often become interpreters, repeating conversations for the person who cannot hear. People who get help for their hearing loss are able to have productive and active lives.

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