Summertime brings about some special challenges for hearing aid owners. The rising temperatures and humidity mean learning a few summer care tips for hearing aids to keep them working properly. Taking care of your hearing devices can prevent the need for costly repairs. Don’t let malfunctioning hearing aids spoil your summer fun. Take precautions to protect your investment and prevent damage.

Protect Hearing Devices from Heat

Hearing aids are delicate and can be damaged when exposed to excessive heat. The plastic case can melt in high temperatures and the electronic components inside are sensitive. The batteries can be especially sensitive to heat. Keep your hearing devices out of direct sunlight and don’t keep them in a vehicle.

Keep Hearing Aids Dry

Any form of moisture, like water, condensation or perspiration, can damage hearing aids. Always remove your hearing aids when you swim or shower. Condensation can occur from a drastic change in temperature, as when going from an air-conditioned building to a hot temperature outside. Regularly wipe the outside of the hearing aid with a soft cloth to keep it free of excess moisture.

If they do get accidentally wet, take the battery out and leave the door open to let them dry. Place them in a dehumidifier or hearing aid dryer. Do not try to dry them with heat from a hair dryer.

Store your hearing aids in a cool, dry place. A hearing aid dehumidifier is a great storage solution that helps remove unwanted moisture from your hearing devices. When you aren’t wearing your hearing aids leave the battery door open to allow moisture to escape and for air to circulate.

Summer Cleaning

Spending time outside, doing yard work or at the beach can cause dust and particles to get into your hearing equipment. Perspiration, excess wax production and sunscreen can cause clogs. During the summer, you may need to clean your hearing aids more often to brush away debris and remove build up.

If you notice your hearing aid isn’t delivering the normal sound quality, you’re getting weak or distorted sounds or your hearing aid stops working the staff at Sandia Hearing Center can help. Stop by so our trained and dedicated staff can check your device.

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