Whistling is a common complaint with hearing aids. Many people with whistling hearing devices ask if this is normal. Although the whistling could be a sign that a repair is needed, it could be that a simple adjustment is needed.

If you hear whistling when you hold the hearing aid in your hand or put it up to your ear, the whistling is normal. In this case, it is ordinary feedback. The sound being picked up by the microphone keeps being amplified, so it starts whistling. After you insert it in your ear, the whistling should stop. To prevent this feedback, do not turn your hearing aid on until it is in your ear. You can also turn the volume down low until the piece is placed in your ear, then turn the volume back up to a normal level when you have it situated.

What if the hearing aid is in place in the ear and it whistles? In this situation, the whistling would not be normal. It could mean that it is not fitted correctly. There could also be a blockage of earwax or a malfunction with the hearing aid. It could be that it was not inserted the right way. Try taking your hearing aid out and reinserting it. If you are a new hearing aid wearer, it does take some practice to learn how to fit it in correctly.

Another possibility is too much earwax collected in your ear. The wax can prevent the earmold from going in correctly and forming the seal that it needs. The earwax also causes feedback similarly to the way hearing aids whistle before they are inserted. Clean ears are important if you are a hearing aid wearer.

If you experience repeated episodes of feedback, there could be something wrong with your hearing device. If you are having problems with whistling coming from your hearing aids, we are here to help. Many problems, like whistling, high-pitched sounds or distortion, may be solved with simple repairs or a battery change. At Sandia Hearing Center, we have professionally trained staff experienced with evaluating and repairing hearing devices.

Keep your hearing aids clean and well maintained to keep it working with the best performance. We do routine checkups, cleaning and repairs. Our staff will adjust the settings, as need, to help you get the best sound quality. Call Sandia Hearing Center at 719-634-6260.