So you’ve decided that you need hearing aids, but how much should good hearing aids cost?

There are all sorts of factors that play into the amount you’ll have to pay. These range from the kind of hearing aid you would like to buy, to style, features and your insurance policy. There’s no one easy answer as to how much you will end up paying.

But read on and you could find out how much you would have to pay for top quality, how much you can have covered by insurance, and why hearing aids cost what they do.


How much do hearing aids cost?

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How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing aids can cost anywhere from between $1000 to more than $4000. The price depends entirely on the standard of quality, but since they are quite expensive, people often put off having to buy one.

The exact model you choose is up to you, so you do have a lot of control over how much you actually will pay for your hearing aid.

While hearing aids are expensive, remember that the price includes a variety of services alongside the provision of the hearing aid itself. When you buy hearing aids from a hearing aid center, the cost includes a number of services like a consultation and initial hearing test, initial fitting and subsequent adjustments, and warranty for a number of years. All of these costs add up, so the amount you’re paying for the kit is far less than the total price you’re quoted.


Does insurance cover the cost?

Unfortunately, no. Around 40% of Americans have third party payment insurance which can help cover some or all of the cost; but otherwise, they won’t cover you. On average, insurance companies cover around 80 to 85% of the cost of new hearing aids. That’s a significant saving on $1000- you would only need to pay around $150 or $200. If you’re a veteran, you may also qualify for hearing aids provided fully by the Veteran’s Administration. And if you do qualify, the VA will pay the entire cost of your hearing aids, and even provide a supply of batteries for you.

You’ll have to pay the full cost yourself if you aren’t covered by your insurance provider. But it doesn’t have to come straight out of your pocket. You can always pay using a small loan or a credit card, and pay the sum off in instalments, like any other purchase. The flexibility of credit is an excellent way to pay for a hearing aid, and many of our customers choose to do just that.

That being said, we advise that you contact your insurance provider in order to find out what they can offer you, if anything. There’s always a chance that you can come to some accommodation with them- although knowing insurance providers, you might have to get lucky!


How much do hearing aids cost?

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How much do hearing aids cost online?

It is certainly possible to find hearing aids online. But doing so carries a number of hidden costs which won’t be shown in the price you’re quoted.

First, and most obvious, is the cost of having the hearing aid shipped to you. Shipping can cost more than you bargained for. After all, you wouldn’t want your hearing aids shipped to you in an unmarked, unpadded envelope; the postal service would probably damage them! Instead, you would want a well wrapped and padded package, which costs more to ship. It would also make a mistake not to pay for recorded delivery, since if your hearing aids got lost in the post, you would have no proof. And then, you would have spent thousands of dollars for nothing.

There’s also the cost of having your hearing aid adjusted. You have to have each hearing aid fitted by a professional, sometimes each individual ear. More often than not, your audiologist will have to adjust your hearing aids several times before they’re just right. There’s also the need to have their personalised, too, so that they help you to hear when you need it most. Hearing aids these days aren’t just simple amplifiers; they’re complex machines that can boost certain sounds but not others. An audiologist will have to adjust them before you can get the best out of your hearing aids.

When you’re buying a hearing aid online, the price you’re quoted will be lower than if you went to a hearing center. That’s because the price doesn’t include those vital services. So, really, you won’t be paying any less, and you’re only creating hassle for yourself!


Why do hearing aids cost so much?

Hearing aids are expensive for a number of reasons. First, your hearing aid center will include the cost of fitting your hearing aid in the total price. Like any hospital or surgery experience, you have to pay for the time and expertise of the doctor. Similarly, when you have a hearing aid fitted, you have to pay for the time and expertise of the person fitting it for you. With some types of hearing aids, your audiologist will configure your hearing aid to work for you- so if you have trouble hearing low pitched sounds, for instance, your hearing aid will be configured to reflect that.

Hearing aids are also expensive because of the ongoing research and development that manufacturers put in. Each manufacturer has a research and development department, in order to produce the best hearing aids possible. Prototyping, manufacture and parts sourcing all cost money, and that has to be a part of the price. Besides that, the manufacturers have to make a profit in order to carry on doing what they do; so do the audiologists who provide your selection of hearing aids.

Finally, hearing aids are expensive because they are technical, fiddly bits of kit. They have to be able to do so much, but fit in your ear; and some of them have to fit directly in your ear canal. Making a piece of tech that can do everything a hearing aid does, but still keeping it the size of a garden pea, isn’t easy!