Verbal communication is a huge part of how people relate to each other and understand social interactions. As a result hearing loss can have a severe impact on the lives of those who suffer from it and their families. Modern hearing aids are a very helpful tool in combating the isolation associated with hearing loss. Most people realize that today’s devices are much more effective and efficient than older models, but not everyone is aware of how many convenient Unitron hearing aid accessories there are to complement their new hearing aids. Below is a series of brief descriptions that can help those suffering from hearing loss decide what accessories can be most helpful.

Smart-phone Control with Unitron hearing aid accessories

One new feature that many hearing aids are equipped for today would have been unimaginable in decades or even mere years past. Many of today’s hearing aids can be synced to a user’s smart-phone via a blue-tooth app that allows for remote adjustment of volume and other settings via the phone. This solution is great for users with at least a little bit of technological proficiency and a sufficiently advanced phone to handle the app.

Remote Control

Patients that do not have smart-phones or are not confident in their ability to use them can still purchase Unitron hearing aid accessories that allow for remote control of their listening experiences. Basic remotes allow for discreet volume adjustment instead of forcing patients to remove their hearing aids or fiddle with them in public.

Smart Control Remotes

Patients that want to be able to make real-time adjustments beyond simple volume control may want to look into smart control remotes. These are slightly more expensive, but many consider it worth the extra investment to have the ability to fine-tune their listening experiences remotely. A variety of advanced remotes are available.

Portable Wireless Microphones

Sometimes all the fine-tuning in the world won’t make it any easier to hear a companion in a challenging listening environment. Purchasing a wireless microphone that can transmit data directly from a clip-on mic to the user’s hearing aid can help to eliminate distractions and ensure that important communications go smoothly.

Enhancing Television Watching

Watching television can be extremely frustrating for those with hearing loss, even with a hearing aid in. This experience can be much more enjoyable through the use of accessories like the uTV that deliver sound directly from the television to the user’s device. This allows hearing aid users to clearly understand speech and sound without having to turn the volume up too high.
Users who love music may also be interested in uDirect accessories, which function similarly but are intended for use with a wider variety of devices, including phones, MP3 players, FM receivers, and more.

Not all accessories are compatible with all hearing aids. It’s important that patients discuss their practical needs and abilities with their doctors or other hearing professionals prior to making a purchase. Given it some thought and need to find a hearing aid store that carries a wide variety of quality brand-name products and accessories? King Hearing Aid & Sandia Hearing Aid Center can help you purchase Unitron hearing aid supplies.