America’s Baby Boomers first hit the scene in 1946. They’ve been turning the world on its head ever since.

As the country’s most innovative generation to date, Baby Boomers make up approximately 26% of the United States’ total population. That’s roughly 78 million people. This generation of progressive thinkers has reinvented almost everything about the way America lives – from the music we listen to, to the cars we drive, to the technology we rely on, to the way we age (

As the oldest baby boomers begin crossing the threshold into those golden years, they’re reshaping what’s on the other side. This generation has made it clear that they won’t be fading quietly into retirement. Nope. They’re determined to stay active and engaged in social life. Whether it’s finding a new career, rock-climbing, volunteering, adventure travel or online dating, Boomers are embracing life’s second act with zest. And an important aspect of maintaining their energetic pace is by taking care of their hearing. This generation understands that in order to fully enjoy the experiences of life, one must stay connected to it. So rather than deny or ignore a hearing loss and suffer the negative social, cognitive, and professional consequences that inevitably result from leaving it unaddressed, Boomers are dealing with hearing loss head on (

Baby Boomers are increasingly benefitting from the revolutionary technology offered in the hearing aid device marketplace. This generation is seeking out state-of-the-art hearing aids that are highly effective, sleek and sophisticated – devices that can help them stay active and connected to life for many years to come.

Here are five fun facts about today’s hearing aids:

  1. They’re virtually invisible.
  2. They automatically adjust to all kinds of soundscapes.
  3. You can enjoy water sports and sweat while wearing them.
  4. They work with smartphones, home entertainment systems and other electronics.
  5. They’re always at the ready.

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