If you shop around online, you can find hearing aids at unbelievably cheap prices. So why should you go pro? What do we offer to justify the price you pay?

At Sandia Hearing Aid Center, we don’t just offer hearing aids. We offer all kinds of hearing services. They’re all a standard part of our 9 steps to better hearing! So if you’re considering buying hearing aids for cheap from Amazon or eBay, think again. Take a look at these five reasons why you should go pro, starting with…

Hearing rehab center Colorado Springs:

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Hearing rehab center Colorado Springs: why not have a free consultation?

When you go to your local hearing rehab center, there’s a good chance that they offer free consultations. It serves two purposes: it promotes the business, and genuinely helps consumers understand their hearing problems. Your audiologist will begin the process by reviewing your health history- or at least, any of your health history relevant to your hearing! This is so that they can be aware of any pre-existing conditions that might be affecting your hearing, and anything that’s already been done to correct them.

Next, you will go through a brief exam that can identify further problems. This exam is entirely painless. Your audiologist will inspect both your ear canal, and your ear drum specifically, to look for problems. This is using a device called an otoscope, or at centers with more advanced equipment, a video otoscope.

Hearing rehab center Colorado Springs: you won’t have access to audiogram results

The hearing test that we perform will evaluate the sensitivity of your hearing. Basically, this means that we assess exactly how quiet a sound that you can hear, in decibels. We examine how well your hearing performs at different frequencies, too, because sometimes you might hear high frequency sounds perfectly clearly but struggle with low frequency sounds. Frequency is measured in Hertz.

The results that we can show you are put onto a graph. Essentially, it shows how well you hear at different frequencies, different volumes, and in each ear- all in one graph. This information, if you did choose to buy a hearing aid through our hearing aid center, is used to determine exactly what kind of hearing aid you should buy and how it should be configured. If you do decide to buy your hearing aid online, you won’t have any of this information.

Hearing rehab center Colorado Springs: you can enjoy warranty and repairs, included

We also offer repairs, because while hearing aids normally last between 3-5 years, that’s only with adequate maintenance. We offer a service whereby if your hearing aid breaks, we repair or replace it for you.

There are all sorts of reasons why you might need your hearing aid repaired. They could be because of the battery running out too frequently, issues with mold, sweat, moisture or dirt, or earwax buildup. These factors can make your hearing aid difficult to wear, or in the worst case scenario, actually break completely. We perform routine checkups to make sure that your hearing aid stays in perfect working order, so that it works for longer, and saves you money in the long run.

If you buy your hearing aid online, you won’t get any of these services. You may be able to find product warranty when you buy online, but this entails sending the device back, and then waiting for another to be sent to you. In the meantime, you’re without a hearing aid.

Hearing rehab center Colorado Springs: we offer same day delivery on a number of hearing aids

Waiting around for your hearing aid after you buy online is probably the worst part of the experience. You bought a hearing aid because you can’t hear today, not three weeks from now! Unfortunately, unless you pay a hefty fee for quick delivery, you’ll be stuck waiting. That’s the last thing you want when you need a hearing aid to go about your day to day life

Sandia Hearing Aid Center offer same day delivery as standard on a number of models of hearing aid. We understand that you have a busy life, and the last thing you want to be doing is waiting for the mailman each morning. So with us, you can have a consultation in the morning, and a fitting in the afternoon. And if you’re happy with what you ordered, you can walk out with a brand new hearing aid that day.

Hearing rehab center Colorado Springs: your hearing aid comes with a trial period

We also offer a trial period for anybody who buys a hearing aid through our hearing center. Bear in mind that when you see us for a consultation, we take a lot of time to find the exact hearing aid that’s right for you. That’s because there are a dozen brands and too many models to count, each of which could be your perfect one. It depends on the size and shape of your ear canal, the kind of sound that you need amplified, and even the kind of earwax you have. We never said it was simple!

That’s why if you buy through us, you have a two week trial period to consider whether your hearing aid is right for you. If you’re happy, you can go on your merry way. If you aren’t for whatever reason, you can let us know- and we’ll find a new and better hearing aid for you.

Of course, if you buy online, you don’t enjoy that luxury. That’s why we think you should go pro.