At Sandia Hearing Center, we really listen to our clients and one comment we hear a lot is, “I’m afraid I’m losing my hearing.” Other comments we hear are along the lines of, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to follow conversations.” “I’m afraid my hearing loss will affect my job performance.” “I’m afraid of not being able to do what I like to do.


Fear is a natural reaction to any change we notice in our body, including changes in our senses, such as the realization that we need glasses now to read the newspaper. The good news is that fear can be a big motivator in educating yourself and taking control of the change. Learning more about hearing loss and how it may be affecting you is the first step in empowering yourself and easing your fear. Being aware of the symptoms of hearing loss is important, as they can be obvious or subtle. Some signs that you may be experiencing hearing loss include:

  • asking for words and phrases to be repeated
  • losing track of conversations
  • trouble hearing when background noise or echoing is present
  • telephone use is difficult
  • turning up the television or radio volume
  • turning one ear toward the person speaking
  • loss of balance and/or falling

The best way to determine whether or not you are experiencing hearing loss or deficit is to come in to our office at Sandia Hearing Center and have a hearing test done. We offer a range of evaluative options to determine the level of hearing loss so we can take the best course of action. In the meantime, you can do a quick self-check by taking our Hearing Assessment Questionnaire.

There’s no need for fear. At Sandia Hearing Center we will help you regain your hearing, your independence, and your confidence. Call us today at 719-634-6260 or just stop by and say hello. We would love to meet you!