Hearing loss can strain a person’s personal and professional relationships. Communication is very important to people and an essential part of everyday life. The inability to hear effectively causes a breakdown in communication that causes problems for the one with diminished hearing and for those that person is close to.

Hearing loss usually comes on gradually, without being obvious to the one experiencing it. It may be years before someone with a hearing problem seeks professional help for hearing aids. In the meantime, spouses and family members may notice a problem. Before a hearing problem is identified as the issue, family members, friends and colleagues may think the person is inattentive, forgetful or just plain rude. Loved ones may feel hurt, frustration and anger at feeling ignored.

One who is experiencing loss of hearing may miss pieces of conversations, giving inappropriate responses due to mishearing or guessing at what was said. This leaves people feeling like they are not being paid attention to. Children can end up feeling as if they are being disregarded or not cared for.

Friends, family and coworkers who have to keep repeating can end up exasperated and may avoid interacting with an individual with diminished hearing. Constantly hearing “What?” or “Huh?” after talking can be tiring, but it also can be frustrating to the one who has to keep asking people what was said.

There is a toll on a person with a loss of hearing. Social interaction becomes awkward and stressful. Listening takes extra effort and concentration, which can cause fatigue, anxiety, irritability and depression. Avoidance often seems like the best option when communication becomes difficult, resulting in social isolation.

The good news is that hearing loss is often treatable with hearing aids. If you believe you or a loved one is experiencing a hearing deficit, schedule a hearing test. Sandia Hearing Center offers comprehensive hearing evaluations to get a complete picture of the degree that hearing has decreased. Our trained and knowledgeable staff can help to find the best option for treating the hearing problem. Sandia Hearing Center has a variety of hearing aids from leading manufacturers that use the latest technology. We can help match the appropriate hearing device to each person’s individual needs.

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