Leading hearing aid manufacturers regularly research the best ways to deliver optimum sound quality to improve the lives of those with hearing loss. Sandia Hearing Center carries modern hearing aids to ensure customers get the best hearing experience. Hearing aids with newer technology communicate with each other to deliver sound in a more natural way than hearing devices were once able. This coordination helps them to adjust to the sound in the environment.

Our ears work together hearing sounds and sending the signals to the brain, so that we process sound fluidly. We normally hear sound that comes from two ears, and the sound is then processed in the brain. As a result of this complex process, we hear one sound. Hearing devices present a slight problem to this normal, binaural hearing process. Traditional analog hearing aids acted as stand-alone sound amplifiers that delivered sound that was separated. They each had their individual controls that made adjustments more challenging. Hearing aids that talk to each other allow the hearing process to seem more normal by balancing sounds to be unified.

Today’s digital, wireless hearing aids can work together as a system that sends data to each other. There is increased ability to discern the direction and origin of sounds. This helps there to be better sound quality. Wireless connectivity allows volume to be adjusted and synced to both units. Another benefit is the automatic adjustment to different environments and ability to block background noise. Wireless allows you to take sound from a telephone and have it delivered to both ears. Hearing aids also have the capability to receive sound, wirelessly, from other electronics. Many models can be set up to have sound delivered directly from cellphones, MP3 players and other devices.

Visit Sandia Hearing Center for more information about the benefit of new hearing aids. We offer several models by top hearing aid companies with digital, wireless capabilities and a range of accessories to make life easier. We have knowledgeable staff that will help you find the best hearing aid with the functions that you need. Call Sandia Hearing Center at 719-634-6260.