Do you value your quality of life, relationships, and emotional and mental wellbeing? Then get your hearing checked!

In recognition of World Mental Health Day, the Better Hearing Institute and Sandia Hearing Center advise getting your hearing checked as a means to address possible depression in Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers. Research shows that unaddressed hearing loss is associated with depression. The good news is that studies also show that people with hearing loss who use hearing aid devices often have fewer depressive symptoms, greater social engagement, and improved quality of life (

To help people determine if they need a comprehensive hearing test, Sandia Hearing Center is offering a free, quick and confidential hearing assessment.

According to an Italian study conducted in 2008, “an assessment was made of the global assumption that working adults with a mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss experience more negative emotional reactions and socio-situational limitations than subjects with no hearing problems” (Monzani, et al).

The researchers published their findings in Acta Otorhinolaryngologica Italica. They explored the psychological and social profiles of working adults 35 to 55 years of age with mild to moderate bilateral, sensorineural hearing loss due to age-related hearing loss. They found that the study participants with hearing loss were more prone to depression, anxiety, and interpersonal sensitivity than the participants with no hearing problems ( These study findings highlight the importance of the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of hearing loss, particularly as people stay in the workforce longer and realize the benefits of active aging and healthy lifestyles.

Numerous studies show that when people with even mild hearing loss use hearing aids, they often improve their job performance, enhance their communication skills, increase their earnings potential, improve their professional and interpersonal relationships, stave off depression, gain an enhanced sense of control over their lives, and improve their quality of life.

Here are five fun facts about today’s hearing aids:

  1. They’re virtually invisible.
  2. They automatically adjust to all kinds of soundscapes.
  3. You can enjoy water sports and sweat while wearing them.
  4. They work with smartphones, home entertainment systems and other electronics.
  5. They’re always at the ready.

At Sandia Hearing Center, we are dedicated to helping our patients maintain an active, happy life well into the golden years. For more information about the link between hearing loss and depression, contact Sandia Hearing Center today, 719-634-6260.