Binaural heating is the ability to hear with two ears, allowing sound to be picked up from each side with both ears delivering information to be processed in the brain. Getting sound delivered from two sides helps people to be able to tell the direction a sound is coming from and helps people perceive how far away the origin of the sound is. Hearing binaurally also helps people to pick out specific sounds in a noisy environment.

Hearing loss can impede one’s ability to get the benefit of binaural heating. If hearing is decreased in one ear, more than the other, an individual has to put forth more effort to listen. Sound localization, or the ability to discern the direction a sound is coming from, and listening become more challenging. Wearing hearing devices in both ears, or using bilateral hearing aids, re-establishes the effect of hearing binaurally.

There are several benefits to wearing a hearing aid in each ear. They assist with having better understanding of speech, especially in situations where there are other sounds in the background. There is also better sound localization. The use of dual hearing devices often gives less sound distortion and better sound quality. The use of two hearing aids helps sounds to come across from both sides, in a way that is more natural and balanced. Hearing that is more balanced provides a less tiring experience and generally provides a better quality of life. Sandia Hearing Center understands that individuals with hearing loss have a desire to hear with better quality and ease.

People with single sided deafness have special challenges trying to hear without out the advantage of binaural hearing. Sandia Hearing Center has a selection of aids for hearing, such as CROS and BiCROS devices, that can help those with single sided deafness or unilateral hearing loss.

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