The use of a hearing aid in each ear is referred to as binaural amplification. Those with hearing loss often wonder if they really need to wear two hearing aids. Perhaps the hearing in one ear may not be that bad, and they don’t want more hardware than is necessary. People also realize that they can get away with spending less money if they only bought one hearing aid to wear in the worse ear. Sometimes new users may find that it feels uncomfortable to wearing a device in each ear.

Normal hearing is binaural, involving two ears. The brain incorporates signals received from both ears and processes them. This allows sound to have depth and allows people to hear from all directions. So, bilateral hearing aids are usually recommended for hearing aid users. At one time, in the early periods of hearing aid use, it was common to amplify only one ear.

If an individual has hearing loss in both ears, the use of two hearing instruments is likely the best option. Binaural amplification has several advantages, over only amplifying one ear. Dual amplification can help improve sound localization and sound quality. There is also better speech understanding, along with improved ability to discern the sounds that you want to hear in a noisy place. Sound comes across as more balanced, while tones also sound smoother. This improved tone and balance delivers a decreased need to turn up the volume. The process of hearing is easier, so there is less strain and fatigue.

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